Image showing an example exercise (Weight Shifting) that a Canine Animal Physiotherapist may prescribe for a Senior Dog

Therapeutic Exercises for Senior Dogs

Therapeutic exercise is the basis of physiotherapy treatment, rehabilitation and canine conditioning.

Therapeutic Exercise should be a core component of every patient’s programme and the goals of therapeutic exercise include, restoration of movement, improvement in gait and proprioception, an increase in strength and function, and in decrease pain.

Therapeutic exercise can help to manage some of the musculoskeletal changes in our senior pets but those exercises prescribed must be specific to the patient, their ability and condition. 

Therapeutic exercises need to be performed regularly so are incorporated into a home exercise programme. Owners need to be physically able, willing and have time to participate for the best outcomes. Owners must be taught how to safely and correctly perform the exercises as well as recognise signs of pain and fatigue. 

In later Blog Posts, we will cover the therapeutic exercises below in a greater detail so make sure to keep an eye on our Blog to find out more!

  • Square Stance
  • Weight Shifting
  • Biscuit Stretch
  • Sit to Stand
  • Single Leg Lifts
  • Cavaletti Poles

Sophie Sparrow BSc(Hons), DipAnPhys, RVN
RVN Pet Physio