Image of an African Serval receiving physiotherapy.

Osteoarthritis Management in an African Serval

Osteoarthritis doesn’t just affect your pets. It is common in older domestic and captive exotic felids and impacts their quality of life.

An African serval (Leptailurus serval) had undergone an onychectomy (declaw) on all four paws, prior to confiscation from the pet trade. 

Physiological changes later in the serval’s life can be attributed to this, with radiographic evidence of bony changes in the digits and concurrent stifle osteoarthritis. 

Physiotherapeutic treatments such as laser therapy, environment and exercise modification were used alongside pharmacological agents in the management of the condition.

This paper was written by RVN Pet Physio Owner, Sophie Sparrow BSc(Hons), DipAnPhys, RVN and can be viewed by clicking the button below.