Hairy Feet on a Dog that an Animal Physiotherapist would advise needs cutting.

Does your Pet have Hairy Feet?

Why is keeping those toes trimmed on your dog important?

Dogs have hair on all aspects of their feet, including hair that grows out from between their toes and pads on the bottom of the foot that is known as interdigital hair.

For some breeds, hair may naturally be longer as well as cases where there is abnormal loading of a limb or a reduced weight bearing.

Hairy feet will act like slippers on your pet, reducing traction and increasing the risk of slips and falls, which can result in injuries such as soft tissue strains or tears or a delay in healing during rehabilitation. 

There may also be an additional energy expenditure and compensatory gait patterns when traction from hairy feet is an issue!

Hairy feet also risk clumps of debris, mud, snow, plant material or other things to get between the toes and matt in the hair. This can cause displacement of the toes, skin irritation and penetrating wounds.

Talk to your Animal Physiotherapist, Veterinarian or Groomer about clipping the hair between your dog’s feet regularly!

Sophie Sparrow BSc(Hons), DipAnPhys, RVN
RVN Pet Physio